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  • Public Relations Management for Social Media

    USD 266.40
    Utilizing Public Relations Principles for Social Media Management, covering content creation to scheduling for your business.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    Recognize the significance of aligning your social media strategy with Public Relations Principles in the post-pandemic landscape.
    Integrate Public Relations Principles into your social media content creation process effectively.
    Break down the content creation workflow and implement batch creation methods for monthly content planning.
    Explore the rising trend of bringing social media management in-house in 2023 and its implications.
    Master essential tools of social media etiquette.
    Utilize staff as brand ambassadors and leverage their contributions for image collection.
    Equip your staff with the fundamentals of social media photography and content creation using a structured interview approach.
    Understand the process of identifying ‘opportunity’ content moments to support the end-of-month batch creation process.


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  • Key Tenets of Public Relations

    USD 68.87
    Enhance Your Effectiveness as a PR Practitioner and Deliver Enhanced Client Outcomes.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    Recognize the foundational principles underpinning successful public relations.
    Express the significance of public relations for individuals and entities.
    Comprehend the strategic application of public relations to attain desired outcomes.
    Grasp the role and obligations inherent in the profession of public relations


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  • Team Communication and Collaboration

    USD 299.99

    This course equips you with essential skills to grasp the advantages of collaboration and its pivotal role in modern business operations. You’ll learn strategies for fostering successful collaborative teams within an organization, mastering the fundamentals of team formation and leadership. Additionally, the course delves into optimizing collaborative meetings, navigating online collaboration across diverse teams, drawing lessons from various industries, and establishing a vibrant culture of collaboration.

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  • The Strength of Profound Listening- Level 2: The Impact of Assumptions on Active Listening

    USD 299.99

    Allowing you to discover that cultivating positive assumptions fosters deep listening, resulting in favorable outcomes. Conversely, negative assumptions hinder listening, leading to unsatisfactory relationship results.

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  • The Strength of Profound Listening – Level 1: Applying Techniques for Active Listening

    USD 299.99

    Enhancing Relationship Abilities | Empathy Development | Skills for Influence | Trust Building | Effective Communication | Active Listening Techniques

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  • Winning Communication Skills and Telephone Technics for Outbound Cold Calling

    USD 319.16

    Enhance Communication Abilities:
    Master Effective Phone Communication with Clients, Customers, Colleagues, and Superiors
    Steer Clear of Rude and Unprofessional Telephone Mistakes
    Conduct Effective Business Conference Calls
    Confidently Present on Skype and FaceTime Calls
    Leverage the Telephone for Success Across Business Scenarios
    Utilize Storytelling in Sales
    Deliver Compelling Virtual Sales Presentations
    Excel in Cold Call Selling
    Perfect Your Pitching Skills
    Drive Change Through Effective Communication
    Craft Business Cases and Proposals Over the Phone
    Present with CEO-Level Confidence

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  • The Deep Mind System Module 1

    USD 309.17

    Introducing The Deep Mind System:
    Explore the revolutionary and dependable system that has been extensively tested and validated. This manifestation approach delves beneath the surface, tackling subconscious limiting beliefs that hinder progress. Engage in a manifestation technique that compels the universe to fulfill your desires consistently.

    More than just a course, it’s a profound journey that has positively impacted countless lives. Uncover the keys to manifesting your innermost desires and undergo a life-changing transformation with The Deep Mind System.

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  • Mastering the Path Forward: Future Focus Mastery

    USD 551.37

    Unlocking Your Inner Visionary: Initiating New Beginnings with Clarity and Direction
    Overcoming Procrastination: Initiating Action, Achieving Progress, and Enjoying the Journey
    Navigating Grief: Tools for Healing and Moving Forward Through Life’s Challenges
    Cultivating Connection: Transforming Isolation into a Sense of Belonging
    Breaking Old Patterns: Transforming History Through Renewal
    Managing Drama: Strategies for Dealing with Excessive Conflict
    Bouncing Forward: Overcoming Obstacles and Resuming Progress After Setbacks
    Sustaining Momentum: Continuing Progress Beyond the Course
    Embracing Your Superpowers: Harnessing Personal Strengths for Lifelong Success

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  • The Science Behind Effective Communication

    USD 250.29

    This course covers:
    Understanding Social Value Theory and Leveraging it for Success
    Exploring the Neuroscience of Body Language: Low vs. High Value Signals
    Utilizing Scientific Methods to Decode Others’ Body Language
    Analyzing Pitch Variances in Speech and their Impact
    Mastering Various Speaking Styles and Enhancing Tonality for Perceived Value
    Embracing Loudness as a Tool for Influence
    Unlocking the Power of the Golden Ratio in Eye Contact
    Unraveling the Secrets of Charisma

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  • Redefining Networking: Making Authentic Choices for Improved Results

    USD 499.99

    This comprehensive 21-lesson self-guided course, will guide you in crafting what is referred to as a “Personal Networking Framework,” providing a roadmap for navigating the complexities of modern Networking.
    By the course’s conclusion, the Networking Redefined program aims to assist you in:

    Transforming your perspective on Networking and business relationships, including overcoming fear-based, limiting, and irrational beliefs.
    Addressing detrimental habits such as perfectionism, people-pleasing, and pessimism.
    Breaking free by approaching Networking and relating with greater mental clarity and autonomy, leading to a more successful Networking experience.
    Equipping you with the skills and resources necessary to cultivate success in all networking scenarios for the long term.

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  • Claim Back Your Ex

    USD 26.00

    Learn a few tips on how to win your ex back.

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    Online Dating Secrets E-book

    USD 26.00 USD 22.00

    Everyone at one point or another in their lives knows what it feels like to be without someone they were once romantically involved with, whether by choice or not.

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  • Casanova’s Cheat Sheet E-book

    USD 27.00

    Are you a modern-day Casanova? Whether you think you are or not, the truth is that you probably know less about women and dating than you think. Learn more with our Casanova Cheat Sheet.

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  • How to Save Your Relationship Workshop

    USD 27.00

    Even the happiest relationships go through troubled periods. Life is so full of change and uncertainties and these can certainly put relationships to the test.

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    100 First Date Tips

    USD 34.00 USD 28.00

    Experience breathe taking, life-changing experiences by implementing the right strategies to have a more memorable and enjoyable date.

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  • The Love Doctor E-book

    USD 32.00

    Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Permanently Find True Love!

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  • Ex Attraction Secrets Workshop

    USD 27.00

    Learn everything you need to know about getting your ex back.

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  • Moving On Without You

    USD 29.00

    If You Still Feel Pain Recalling Your Previous Long Term Relationship – You Need To Read On!

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  • The Relationship Rescue Plan Course

    USD 29.00USD 69.00

    Who else wants to save their relationship and be happy again?

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    Attraction Artist Ebook

    USD 59.00 USD 49.00

    Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Attracting People!

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  • Right Relationships Audio Course

    USD 28.00

     Hypnotherapy For Developing Positive, Meaningful Relationships With Others Series!

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  • How To Win Friends And Influence Others Workshop

    USD 40.00

    Your Social and Business Life Can Be One of Happiness and Fulfillment or One of Distressful Drama and Turmoil, Depending on Whether You Surround Yourself With True Friends or Mere Acquaintances!

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  • How to get your ex back

    USD 29.00USD 99.00

    Even if things seem hopeless everything is possible. Follow our advice to get your ex back.

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  • Ties That Bind

    USD 43.00

    Stories Of Marriages That Worked And How We Can Learn From Them : The eBook contains many stories of marriages which braved the storm to realize what the marital union should really be about a tie that binds us forever, from where we can gather our strength and from where our dreams can be cradled.

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  • 101 Steps To A Happy Relationship

    USD 25.00

    Dating and marriage is different today than it was twenty years ago.

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